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Data Business

Of all the businesses that exist in the current metropolitan world, both illegal and legal. There is only one that tends to thrive in multiple marketplaces. trans-versing various industries globally. Data business Now like me, you might be wondering what the hell is this and why should I be concerned? But how many times whenContinue reading “Data Business”

Opening Pandora box

Nobody ever wanna open Pandora box. It IS Pandora box for a reason, forever to remain closed, it’s contents hidden from this world for peace to prevail for everyone. Pretty simple right? Wrong Sometimes Pandora Box needs to be opened. Sometimes Pandora Box is the only answer. After all, there is only so long youContinue reading “Opening Pandora box”


consistency is key I’m sure like I, you have heard this statement multiple times with the rise of toxic productivity culture. But how true is this really? Can consistency alone give you the ability to surpass smarter more competent people? YES! I’ll give the simple analogy of a race with two people, one faster thanContinue reading “consistency”

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